Official Teddy AI 2020 SMS (Text Message) Health Survey

Like 2018, voters like you made it clear in no uncertain terms, that access to affordable quality healthcare was one of the most important issues on people’s minds.  We believe the 2020 election, in light of the public healthcare crisis and lack of a competent federal response, will put healthcare once again at top of voter’s minds. Take our brief 7-question SMS (Text Message) survey today by clicking the button below or by choosing one of our other options.

Initiate SMS Survey

Not everyone likes using Facebook Messenger. Which is why Teddy can help maximize your impact via text messaging as well. If you haven't already, click the "Initiate SMS Survey" button below to take or survey via SMS. You can also text "Health" to (850) 920-3207  to take the survey as well.

You can also scan this QR code with your phone!

Open your camera or camera App from the Home screen, Control Center, or Lock screen of your phone. Select "take picture". Hold your device so that the QR code appears in the viewfinder. Your device will recognize the QR code and a notification will appear.
Then tap the notification to open the link associated with the QR code and press send.


Still having trouble with SMS?

If you are still having trouble accessing our survey there are other options: (1)  you can take our survey directly on our website by clicking the "Website Survey" button below. (2) You can use a copy of our web friendly pdf that includes a QR code for your cell phone. (3) If that doesn't work text "Help" to (850) 920-3207 and one of our live activist volunteers will figure it out for you. Finally, (4) you can return to our main survey page and and take the survey via Facebook Messenger there.

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