Official Teddy AI 2020 Health Survey

Like 2018, voters like you made it clear in no uncertain terms, that access to affordable quality healthcare was one of the most important issues on people’s minds.  We believe the 2020 election, in light of the public healthcare crisis and lack of a competent federal response, will put healthcare once again at top of voter’s minds. Take our brief 7-question survey today by clicking the button below or by choosing one of our other options.

#1 Facebook Messenger

There are three primary ways to take our survey. You can (1) take it via the Facebook Messenger app (preferred) by clicking the "Messenger Survey" button below. You can also (2) take the survey via SMS (text message) by following the instructions below. Finally, (3) you can take the survey directly on our website by clicking the "Website Survey" button below.

#2 Take the survey via SMS (Text) 

Not everyone likes using Facebook Messenger. Which is why Teddy can help maximize your impact via text messaging as well. If you haven't already, click the "SMS" button below to take or survey via SMS. You can also text "Health" to (850) 920-3207.

#3 Take the survey right here on our website!

Teddy is accessible right here on our website. Just click the "Website Survey" button below and Teddy will take care of the rest.

This is Teddy

Teddy AI (that's short for Teddy Artificial Intelligence and named after the 25th President of the United States, Theodore  Roosevelt Jr.) is a member of TakeItBack.Org team. Just like his human colleagues, Teddy is dedicated to helping you maximize your digital footprint and impact. You can meet Teddy on Facebook Messenger and Google Assistant. He can help you take action like contacting your elected representatives, learning about best practices in digital and progressive activism, or answering any questions you have about our organization and goals.