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We want to make our information and programs as accessible as possible, which is why we have developed a digital knowledge-base of our organization. Just click on the topics and questions you need answers for. Teddy will handle the rest.


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Background on TakeItBack.Org

What are TakeItBack.Org's qualifications?

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Teddy AI

TakeItBack.Org's Digital Political Activist Assistant

What is Teddy Artificial Intelligence?

How can Teddy help?

Does Teddy only work on Facebook Messenger?

Why does Teddy matter?

What should I do if Teddy breaks or isn't helping?

Project Guardrail

Our 2020 effort to take back the US Senate!

What is Project Guardrail?

Why is Project Guardrail special?

Can I see a list of candidates and read background memos on each race?

Can I make a contribution to support a specific candidate our initiative?





Project Guardrail


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