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"We threw down against the Koch Brothers and we won..."


USA--Former U.S. Senate candidate, Rick Weiland, and former Chief of Staff to U.S. Senator Tim Johnson, Drey Samuelson, formed TakeItBack.Org, a nonpartisan nonprofit in January 2015, to fight back against wealthy special interests and their undue influence on public policy by harnessing our unique political activism network.

In 2016, TakeItBack.Org sponsored and passed a citizens initiative titled the "Anti-Corruption and Campaign Finance Reform Act" taking on the Koch funded organization, Americans for Prosperity. Unfortunately, the heavily Republican dominated South Dakota Legislature repealed the law before the ink was even dry, thumbing their noses at the will of the voters and the state's official motto -- Under God The People Rule.

TakeItBack.Org was founded in 2015 to continue the fight against ‘big money’ on multiple fronts. We continue to fight against big health insurance companies and for universal healthcare coverage. We remain focused on taking on Big Pharma and their price gouging practices, supporting ballot-

 measures and federal legislation to bring the American people some meaningful price relief for the medicines they need to live, including the expansion of Medicaid. We fought the 2017 Republican tax giveaway to the rich, warned of the deficits it would cause and the excuse it would give for the GOP to go after Social Security and Medicare, and we continue our campaign against income inequality. We have repeatedly spoken out on the need to immediately address climate change and the need to protect women’s healthcare choices, and we will continue opposing the blatant attacks on voting rights and the First Amendment.

Nothing less than our country is at stake -- and we are doubling down on our mission to take our country back and restore the true promise of America – opportunity for all, not just the few.


To that end, we must hold on and expand the Democratic Party’s majority in the U.S. House; the Democrats must gain control of the United States Senate and stop this assault on the Judiciary; and the current occupant in the White House needs to be resoundingly defeated – before the damage is permanent and can’t be undone.


These past several months we have been sharpening our proverbial organization saw, sizing up various candidates and causes around the country that we think deserve our support and are critical to taking our country back, from local elections in states like Virginia and Mississippi, to a vulnerable Democratic incumbent U.S. Senator in Michigan, we are doing everything we can to make and deliver a maximum impact on the outcome. 


We are also looking to engage in key U.S. Senate races and battleground states, and will do our very best to keep you updated on our thinking and how you can effectively maximize your engagement and support.


The election of Donald Trump has only strengthened our resolve and the need to take America back. That is why we have continued to fight for the kind of real change that can truly make our country great again. From protecting and expanding upon the healthcare advances made by the Affordable Care Act, to taking the drastic measures required to address climate change, to reforming our tax system so that corporations and the super wealthy pay their fair share — we are committed to supporting progressive leaders, candidate and causes that focus on these goals while helping the middle class and taking care of the most vulnerable amongst us.


Thank you for all you have done to support our efforts.  Your commitment and generosity have not gone unnoticed.




Rick Weiland and Drey Samuelson


Co-Founders, TakeItBack.Org

P.S. Check out Drey's latest piece on filibuster reform in the Washington Post!

Hedrick Smith LA Times cover with David Koch and Rick Weiland
TakeItBack.Org co-founder Drey Samuelson

Drey Samuelson is the longtime former Chief of Staff for retired South Dakota U.S. Senator, Tim Johnson.

Rick Weiland is a businessman, 

former U.S. Senate candidate and senior aide to retired South Dakota U.S. Senator, Tom Daschle. 

TakeItBack.Org Co-founder Rick Weiland