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MJ Hegar (D-TX)

John Cornyn (R-TX)

Project Guardrail: Texas 2020

Don’t count Texas out for a Senate pickup. Trump and Biden are in a dead heat signaling that the Lone Star State is evolving into a presidential battleground which is a plus for Democrats. Keep in mind that Beto O’Rourke almost beat Ted Cruz in 2018 and the Democrats have a strong candidate in MJ Hegar.

Trump’s botched pandemic response has created a potential opening in both U.S. Senate and House races according to recent polling which has revealed that the coronavirus pandemic has had a pronounced impact on Texas politics, with state and local leaders trusted more than President Trump. The president’s handling of the crisis has cratered.

The race for US Senate is wide open (polling 46/47) with John Cornyn and state Republicans showing significant vulnerabilities. It is an enormous opportunity for Democrats.


47 Democrats

The Texas Senate Election is tied 46/47





Source: 8.7.20 Civqs Poll Overview click HERE for Official Memo

We are all in for MJ Hegar!

Key Target :

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