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MJ Hegar (D-TX)

John Cornyn (R-TX)

Project Guardrail: Texas 2020

Don’t count Texas out for a Senate pickup. Trump and Biden are in a dead heat signaling that the Lone Star State is evolving into a presidential battleground which is a plus for Democrats. Keep in mind that Beto O’Rourke almost beat Ted Cruz in 2018 and the Democrats have a strong candidate in MJ Hegar.

Trump’s botched pandemic response has created a potential opening in both U.S. Senate and House races according to recent polling which has revealed that the coronavirus pandemic has had a pronounced impact on Texas politics, with state and local leaders trusted more than President Trump. The president’s handling of the crisis has cratered.

The race for US Senate is wide open (polling 46/47) with John Cornyn and state Republicans showing significant vulnerabilities. It is an enormous opportunity for Democrats.


47 Democrats

The Texas Senate Election is tied 46/47





Source: 8.7.20 Civqs Poll Overview click HERE for Official Memo

We are all in for MJ Hegar!

Key Target :




San Antonio

2018 U.S. Senate Election

Texas Senate Election

Winning here would be big!

How we take back Texas: go full throttle

Texas in changing becoming more diverse and more education each and eery day. Beto O'Rourke proved this with his narrow loss to Republican Ted Cruz in 2018. Texas voters are independent-minded, a quality that is occasionally nettlesome for Republicans and has produced quirky results. Here is how MJ Hegar can win:


  1. First, Hegar needs resources ASAP so that he can finish filling out his core media and GOTV efforts.

  2. Second, Hegar needs to MAXIMIZE turnout among voters latinos and voters of color.  

  3. Third, Hegar needs to increase the Democratic margin in urban and suburban counties that supported Democrat Beto O'Rourke's 2018 campaign.

  4. She needs to bank as many early votes as is humanly possible. (You can learn more about Texas GOTV by clicking 👉 HERE)

MJ Hegar – is certainly one of us. She has the ‘right stuff’ and understands how the influence of ‘big money’ has destroyed people’s trust in government. She can win, but not without your help.


Winning Texas would mark significant progress from Democrats at all levels. We will all need to pull together to get it done. 

 Get involved right now!

Please make a DONATION right now to support MJ Hegar and Texas victory this November, then increase your impact 3x by sharing this page with family and friends.

Dominate Healthcare

Cornyn is horrific on healthcare. He is literally working every day to take away Texan's protections for pre-existing conditions.

Fight Disinformation

Donald Trump and his party will do everything they can to spread misinformation, but TakeItBack.Org's band of information elves will be pushing back.

Secure the Vote: 

We used artificial intelligence to develop a comprehensive support system for vote-by-mail and absentee programs in Alaska.

 Get involved right now!

Make a DONATION to support MJ Hegar and an Texas victory this November, then increase your impact 3x by sharing this page with family and friends.


Click HERE to make a donation to an initiative via ActBlue:

Note: if you have saved your payment information to Act Blue Express you donation will go through immediately. 

Additional Resources

Here are a few more ways you can make an impact in Texas...

55,000 Undervotes

Your support could win the election!

(Donate to the TEXAS GOTV FUND!)

Help get our people to the polls! Support Texas GOTV!


Support the TX Dems! DONATE


Help the TX Dems and Beto turnout the vote! Consider this:


👉Texas Dems are registering and early voting in record numbers!


👉Joe Biden and MJ Hegar are literally tied with John Cornyn and Donald Trump!

👉There is a massive effort on the part of Republican Governor Greg Abbot which must be stopped!


  • Registration deadline: October 5

  • Absentee ballot deadline: October 23

  • Early Voting deadline: October 13-October 30

  • GOTV Staff: help hire local staff for GOTV!

  • Community Organizing Events: masks, feeds, transport!

Food for Peace Alaska

U.S. Senator George McGovern (D-SD) was a passionate advocate for the poor and most vulnerable among us. George was appointed by President Kennedy to run his Food for Peace initiative where he founded the World Food Programme in 1962. We admire George for his commitment to feeding the hungry. Please make a gift to the Central Texas Food Bank in his honor:

Central Texas Food Bank: 

Click HERE to Donate

Central Texas Food Bank: 

6500 Metropolis Drive
Austin, TX 78744

Central Texas Food Bank Number: 

(512) 282-2111

US Senator George McGovern

Senator George McGovern

(First Director, Food for Peace Program)

Official Reports:
Click HERE to access our state-by-state strategic reports:

Official Reports:

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