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Cal Cunningham (D-NC)

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Project Guardrail: North Carolina 2020

Recent North Carolina polls have incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Thom Tillis trailing former NC State Senator and Iraqi war veteran, Democrat Cal Cunningham, but still within the margin of error! Tillis is considered to be among the most vulnerable Republican Senators up for election this November -- and rightfully so.

Don’t expect Tillis to support any attempt to address climate change because he is with Trump and think it’s a hoax.  He lead the effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act because he doesn’t think the government should get involved – one of those ‘let the private sector’ figure it out' guys and look where that got us – 50 million uninsured, limited coverage when people got sick and private insurance that didn’t cover pre-existing medical conditions.


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Cook Political Report North Carolina: Toss Up! Toss Up! 50% 50%

We are all in for Cal!

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Key 2020 Target Counties:





Montana: Democrat Steve Bullock versus Republican Steve Daines


Montana: Democrat Steve Bullock versus Republican Steve Daines




North Carolina Senate Election

How we elect Cal Cunningham: build on gains made in 2018 with suburban women 

Democratic Governor Roy Cooper proved in 2016 that Democrats can win statewide contests against competitive Republicans in the Tar Heel State, but in order for Cal Cunningham to defeat Thom Tillis, there are at least four areas Democrats must focus on:


  1. First, Cunningham needs to bank a significant number of votes during early/ absentee voting including being prepared with aggressive anti-suppression efforts. You can learn more about North Carolina GOTV operations by clicking 👉HERE.

  2. Second, Democrats need to maximize turnout among voters of color in urban and ex-urban geographies in particular.

  3. Third, Cunningham needs to increase the 2018 Democratic margin with suburban women in higher population areas around the state.

  4. Finally, Cunningham needs to persuade a significant share of 2016 third-party voters who voted in 2018.



TakeItBack.Org and Project Guardrail are excited to endorse and lend a hand to Cal Cunningham. Cunningham believes that climate change is a real threat and will work to do something about it. Unlike Tillis, he thinks people with pre-existing medical conditions should be covered. Cunningham supports raising the federal minimum wage – Tillis doesn’t think there should even be a federal minimum wage. The list goes on and on – and the reasons to support Cal Cunningham are endless, but we need your help.

 Our Plan

We have a leading edge digital campaign program and a COVID-19 'virtual' boots on the ground strategy that we will deploy to key U.S. Senate and battleground states with your support. Click HERE to donate right now.

Dominate Healthcare

Thom Thillis has an atrocious record on healthcare voting to remove protections for 4,240,500 North Carolinians with pre-existing-conditions.

Fight Voter Suppression

Donald Trump and his party will do everything they can to prevent our people from showing up so we're supporting the North Carolina Democratic Party's aggressive turnout operation.

Using artifical intelligence TakeItBack.Org has developed a comprehensive support system to support vote-by-mail programs in key states.

Secure the Vote: 

We used artificial intelligence to develop a comprehensive support system for vote-by-mail and absentee programs in North Carolina.

 Get involved right now!

Please make a DONATION right now to support Cal Cunningham and a North Carolina victory this November, then increase your impact 3x by sharing this page with family and friends.


Small donors equal big change. We're longtime parters with progressive fundraising power house Act Blue and are happy to partner with them to help support the key races and candidates below. Click to contribute to an initiative of your choice!

Click HERE to make a donation to an initiative via ActBlue:


Note: if you have saved your payment information to Act Blue Express you donation will go through immediately your contribution will be split between Cal Cunningham and TakeItBack.Org

Additional Resources

Here are a few more ways you can make an impact in North Carolina...

Donate North Carolina Democratic Party NC EMS