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Project Guardrail: Montana 2020

Montana may be one of the real “sleeper” races in the U.S. Senate this year. U.S. Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT), is seeking reelection after serving one term in the Senate and one in the U.S. House. His opponent is Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT) Montana, who ran unsuccessfully for president in the Democratic primary, but certainly built some name recognition.


Since his announcement Bullock has consistently been competitive and is getting rave reviews for his response to the ‘coronavirus’ pandemic with approval ratings pushing 70%. Bullock’s  campaign for president, while unsuccessful, has given him a national following for his campaign against big money’s influence on public policy.


Update: October 29th polling released by Montana State University shows Democrat Steve Bullock leading Republican Steve Daines by a single percentage point 48% to 47%. You can read the full report HERE


47 Democrats
The Cook Political Report ranked Montana as a Toss Up 50% 50% Toss Up! Double Down!

We are all in for Steve Bullock!

Key Target Counties:


Montana: Democrat Steve Bullock versus Republican Steve Daines


Montana: Democrat Steve Bullock versus Republican Steve Daines
Montana: Democrat Steve Bullock versus Republican Steve Daines


Montana: Democrat Steve Bullock versus Republican Steve Daines


Montana: Democrat Steve Bullock versus Republican Steve Daines


Montana: Democrat Steve Bullock versus Republican Steve Daines


Montana: Democrat Steve Bullock versus Republican Steve Daines


Montana: Democrat Steve Bullock versus Republican Steve Daines


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Motana Senate Election

How we elect Steve Bullock: healthcare and the Crow and Blackfeet Tribes!

Steve Bullock has a track record of narrowly winning races against competitive Republicans. He won with 49 percent of the vote in 2012 despite President Barack Obama losing the  by 12 percent. In 2016 he won re-election by 3.9 percent despite Hillary Clinton losing by 20 percent. In order to beat his well financed opponent, Steve Daines, there are at least five areas we must focus on:


  1. First, Bullock needs to bank a significant number of votes during early/ absentee voting. 

  2. Second, Bullock needs to maximize turnout among voters of color and American Indian voters in particular. (Click 👉 HERE to learn more about Natives for Bullock GOTV)

  3. Third, Bullock needs to increase the Democratic margin in urban and suburban counties he carried in 2016.

  4. Fourth, Kathleen Williams (D-MT) must continue to run a strong campaign for the at-large US House seat. She is currently tied. You can donate to her campaign 👉 HERE

  5. Finally, Bullock needs to moderately increase his support among white rural voters in eastern Montana. 


Montana Governor, Steve Bullock – is certainly one of us. He has the ‘right stuff’ and understands how the influence of ‘big money’ has destroyed people’s trust in government. He can win, but not without your help. This race will be decided by a few thousand votes.

 Our Plan

We have a leading edge digital campaign program and a COVID-19 'virtual' boots on the ground strategy that we will deploy to key U.S. Senate and battleground states with your support. Click HERE to donate right now.

Montana healthcare infographic for for project-guardrail.

Dominate Healthcare: 

Steve Daines has an atrocious record on healthcare including voting to remove protections for 429,900 Montanans with pre-existing-conditions.

Fight Voter Suppression: 

Donald Trump and his party will do everything they can to prevent our people from showing up so we're supporting the Montana Democratic Party's aggressive turnout operation.

Using artifical intelligence TakeItBack.Org has developed a comprehensive support system to support vote-by-mail programs in key states.

Secure the Vote: 

We used artificial intelligence to develop a comprehensive support system for vote-by-mail and absentee programs in Montana.

 Get involved right now!

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Additional Resources

Here are a few more ways you can make an impact in Montana...

Montana Indians represent 7% of the the state's voting age population.


800,000 VAP

American Indians comprise 7% (56,000) of the Montana Voting Age Population (VAP)

Native for Bullock is targeting 20000 undervotes


Natives for Bullock is targeting 27,000 potential American Indian "undervotes" 

20,000 "Undervotes"

2016 Montana Governor Election Results by County