Susan Collins (R-ME)

Sara Gideon (D-ME)

PROJECT GUARDRAIL: Maine 2020 Sara Gideon vs Susan Collins

Recent polling shows that support for Maine Senator Susan Collins, a Republican, had fallen just behind her Democratic challenger, Sara Gideon.


Sara gets the 'money in politics' and supports passing a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. She believes that access to healthcare is a basic human right and supports universal access. She knows that 'climate change' is a real problem, not a hoax -- and she has a plan to do something about it. She believes that big corporations and the wealthy need to pay their fare share and will stand up for the middle class and least among us.

Collins has been on thin ice with Maine voters, first catching blowback when she voted to confirm Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after he was accused of sexual assault. The criticism continued against Collins as she has voted with the majority of her party to acquit President Trump on impeachment charges. These decisions could cost her votes in November. The Cook Political Report ranks the race as a toss-up. 

47 Democrats

We are all in for Sara Gideon!

2016 US President

Key Target Counties:





How we elect Sara Gideon: remind them what Susan Collins has become

Although regarded as a safe blue state, Maine shifted dramatically and unexpectedly towards the Republicans, with Hillary Clinton's 2.9% margin of victory the narrowest for a Democrat since 1988, when Republicans last won the state, and well down on Obama's 15.3% margin just 4 years earlier. To be successful there are at least four areas Democrats must focus on:


  1. Firstly, banking a significant number of votes during early/ absentee voting especially in competitive counties like Hancock, Waldo, Lincoln and York. (You can learn more about GOTV efforts by clicking 👉 HERE.)

  2. Second, Democrats need to maximize turnout among voters of color in urban and ex-urban geographies in an around the city of Portland, in particular.

  3. Third, increasing the Democratic margin in geographies like Cumberland and Knox counties.

  4. Finally, Gideon needs to persuade a significant share of 2016 third-party voters who voted in 2018, particularly in communities like like Hancock, Waldo, Lincoln and York counties.


TakeItBack.Org and Project Guardrail are excited to endorse and lend a hand to Sara Gideon. We hope you are too.

 Our Plan

We have a leading edge digital campaign program and a COVID-19 'virtual' boots on the ground strategy that we will deploy to key U.S. Senate and battleground states with your support. Click HERE to donate.

Dominate Healthcare

Susan Collins has an atrocious record on healthcare voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) 7 times.

Fight Voter Suppression

Donald Trump and his party will do everything they can to prevent our people from showing up, but Teddy AI will be watching. 

Secure the Vote: 

We used artificial intelligence to develop a comprehensive support system for vote-by-mail and absentee programs in Maine.

 Get involved right now!

Please make a DONATION right now to Sara Gideon and Maine victory this November, then increase your impact 3x by sharing this page with family and friends.



Note: if you have saved your payment information to Act Blue Express you donation will go through immediately. You contribution will be split between Sara Gideon and TakeItBack.Org

Additional Resources

Here are a few more ways you can make an impact in Maine...

Turn out the vote!

(Donate to the Maine Democratic Party)

Donate to the Maine Democratic Party!

The Maine Democratic Party Voter Protection Program has a proven record in turning out the vote in Maine. Most recently their efforts included electing Democratic Governor Janet Mills in 2018. Their program is aggressive with a key focus on turning out the vote amongst the state's urban and ex-urban population. Please give and give generously so we can turn out the vote for Sara and other Maine Democrats!

Donate via Act Blue: 

Click HERE to Donate


320 Water St, 3rd Floor,

Augusta, ME 04330

ME DEMS Number: 

(207) 622-6233


Food for Peace Maine

U.S. Senator George McGovern (D-SD) was a passionate advocate for the poor and most vulnerable among us. George was appointed by President Kennedy to run his Food for Peace initiative where he founded the World Food Programme in 1962. We admire George for his commitment to feeding the hungry. Please make a gift to the Food Bank of Maine (Good Shepard) in his honor:

Food Bank of Maine Online: 

Click HERE to Donate

Food Bank of Maine: 

3121 Hotel Road
Auburn, ME 04210

Food Bank of Maine Number: 

(207) 782-3554

Senator George McGovern

(First Director, Food for Peace Program)

Donate to support other Guardrail candidates!

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