Project Guardrail: Alaska 2020

Top Republicans are suddenly paying close attention to a sleepy Alaska Senate race after a little-known independent challenger with the state Democratic Party’s endorsement out-raised incumbent Dan Sullivan in the third quarter. Sullivan, part of the Republican wave that won control of the Senate in 2014.


Privately, that disparity is raising eyebrows among some Republicans, who worry Sullivan might be too complacent.
Lindsay Kavanaugh, a senior strategist for the Alaska Democratic Party, said Republican concerns are not misplaced. Sullivan, she said, “is not as in tune to what’s going on in this state as he should be.” 


47 Democrats
53 Republicans

2008 Alaska US Senate Election Results by County

In 2018 Democrat Steve Bullock beat Republican Greg Gianforte by 20,000 votes (3.9%)

Using technology to empower Montana voters

How we elect Al Gross: play Moneyball!

Independent candidates are typically at a disadvantage, and Alaska has voted Republican in White House races since 1968. President Trump won the state by 14.7 percentage points three years ago. But Alaska voters are independent-minded, a quality that is occasionally nettlesome for Republicans and has produced quirky results. Here is how Al Gross can win:


  1. First, Gross needs resources ASAP so that he can finish filling out his core media and GOTV efforts. (You can contribute to support his campaign by clicking HERE.)

  2. Second, Gross needs to maximize turnout among voters of color and Native American voters in particular.

  3. Third, Gross needs to increase the Democratic margin in urban and suburban counties that carried former Senator Mark Begich in 2008.

  4. Finally, he needs to moderately increase his support among white rural voters the semi populous areas around Wasilla and other mid size towns. 


Dr. Al Gross – is certainly one of us. He has the ‘right stuff’ and understands how the influence of ‘big money’ has destroyed people’s trust in government. He can win, but not without your help. This race will be decided by a few thousand votes so don't wait or delay. Get involved right now.

 Our Plan

We have developed a sophisticated digital marketing and ground game strategy that leverages artificial intelligence to execute impactful programs in key Alaska counties and constituencies

Dominate Healthcare

Dan Sullivan has an atrocious record on healthcare including voting to repeal Medicaid expansion which would cost thousands of Alaskans their jobs.

Fight Disinformation

Donald Trump and his party will do everything they can to prevent our people from showing up, but Teddy AI will be watching. 

Enhanced Vote-By-Mail: 

We used artificial intelligence to develop a comprehensive support system for vote-by-mail and absentee programs in Alaska.

 Get involved right now!

Please make a donation right now to support Al Gross and Alaskan victory this November, then increase your impact 3x by sharing this page with family and friends.



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