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We all know that the Supreme Court opened the floodgates to dark money in politics in 2010 with the disastrous Citizens United decision. But what might surprise you is that right now, we have the chance to do something about it. Tell President Obama to issue an executive order -- without delay -- requiring corporations that receive federal contracts to disclose their political contributions >> With each passing year and each passing election, the total amount of undisclosed corporate giving increases. Case in point: The Koch Brothers spent a record $400 million in 2012, but are set to spend nearly $900 million in the 2016 races. All that dark money is taking its toll on our democracy. Shareholders and voters alike have a right to know how corporate cash is spent. President Obama has the opportunity to take the first step in getting dark money out of politics with an executive order. Will you click here to call on him to take action without delay? Starting in South Dakota -- and then all across the country -- we're going to prove that we don't need to rely on politicians to effect reforms. We can do it ourselves. Thanks, Rick and Drey

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