TakeItBack.Org is dedicated to taking back our government from the undue influence of wealthy special interests and putting it to work again for everyday citizens by promoting reforms in a variety of areas, including: voting rights and equal ballot access, campaign finance, ethics and nonpartisanship in both our elections and our governing process.


TakeItBack.Org believes that our democratic institutions face dangerous challenges from a political system that is becoming increasingly partisan and unresponsive.  We will use our resources to help voters directly confront these problems, and will use all avenues including social media to mobilize the American people to act.


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Anti-Corruption Act

"The South Dakota Government Accountability and Anti-Corruption Act, an Act to increase accountability to the people of South Dakota in electoral politics and to combat government corruption and its appearance by amending, adding to, and appropriating funds for campaign finance and lobbing law."

Here's coverage of the 2016 Initiative. It was passed by the Voters then subverted by the Legislature. It will back in 2020. We'll provide updated information shortly.


"The independent redistricting commission is hereby created and shall be composed of nine registered voters in South Dakota, none of whom may hold a state public office or a political party office.  The commission shall prepare the plan for redistricting the state into legislative districts."

Analysis: Gerrymandering a factor in South Dakota Democrats' woes

South Dakota's election map is stacked against Democrats more than any other state in the nation, according to an Associated Press analysis.

Nearly 2 in 5 votes cast in 2016 state House races went to Democratic candidates, but the party captured only 14 percent of seats in the chamber.

That's the widest "efficiency gap" among any state, according to the analysis, which used the same mathematical formula cited last fall by a federal appeals court that struck down Wisconsin’s state Assembly districts as intentional partisan gerrymandering. Read Full Article

Vote from Home

"The purpose of this Act is to increase accessibility for the people of South Dakota in electoral politics, increase the completeness and accuracy of the voter registration list, and to ensure the integrity and efficiency of the system."

Universal vote by mail can revive the franchise and change the political map. So why the resistance? Read Full Article

Prescription Drug Pricing Relief

"A State Agency may not enter into any agreement with the manufacturer of any drug for the purchase of a prescribed drug or agree to pay, directly or indirectly, for a prescribed drug, unless the net cost of the drug, inclusive of cash discounts, free goods, volume discounts, rebates, and all other discounts or credits, as determined by the purchasing department, agency, or entity is the same as or less than the lowest price paid for the same drug by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs."


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