This race is tied 46% to 46% and Donald Trump  “the chosen one” is heading back to North Carolina to campaign for Republican congressional candidate, “Bathroom” Dan Bishop – you know the guy who lead the charge in the North Carolina state legislature to pass a discriminatory transphobic bathroom bill.

The Charlotte Observer reports that “Bathroom Dan” also invested in a Neo-Nazi social media “twitter” like platform, days after white nationalist, twenty-two-year-old James Alex Fields Jr. of Ohio, plowed through the crowed streets of Charlottesville, killing 32 year old Heather Meyer and injuring dozens of others.

These guys are two peas in a pod – they think they have been “chosen” by God to go after transgenders and people of color.

We must stop them!  

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We stand against transphobia and white supremacy.
Beat Dan Bishop on 9.10.19!

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What they are saying about TakeItBack.Org

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-Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)